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Gainesville Textbook Exchange

You can totally buy and sell textbooks here.

Gainesville Textbook Swap
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This community was set up to create a place for students in Gainesville to swap textbooks with eachother to try to save a few bucks. If you need books ask for them here and someone might have them. If you have books you don't need anymore tell people here and maybe someone'll be willing to buy them from you.

Spam's a pain in the ass, though, so try not to post anything unrelated to the selling and buying of textbooks. And for the love of god. . .don't post any test results here. Please. And no using this journal to break the law and, like, sell stolen textbook or anything. If we catch you doing that. . .err. . .you suck and we'll kick your ass or something.

Oh, and we're thinking about using this as a place to ask about professors and classes, as well. Also, the sale and purchase of non-textbook student-related items may be allowed as well. You know, tables and old computers and crap.

By the way, herohigh is the moderator for this thing. Just so you know. He accepts no responsibility for what happens during these trades, so if while you're trying to buy a book you get knocked out and you wake up in a tub of ice with one kidney and wicked scar it's not his fault. All he's doing is letting people with and without books meet.